Trend Alert: Rustic Christmas

You don't have to tell the ECG that there's nothing more Christmasy than Red Flannel and the smell of pine needles.  She just happens to live in the United States' very own North Pole...Minnesota.  That's why when the rest of the world started to embrace Lumberjack Chic, she was two (carefully placed to avoid stepping in Deer dung) steps ahead.
But life is busy in the North Woods.  You have to save time for shoveling, hauling firewood, shopping for long underwear, and eating your feelings, when you haven't seen the sun in three weeks.  That's why, we've made this trendy cookie design into a super fast, easy stencil set.  It's simple!  Stencil red fondant mixed with equal parts Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate with black royal icing then cut it out with included cookie cutter.  Attach it to the cookie using a little royal icing then stencil the Deer Silhouette in thick White Royal Icing right over the top.  If you live in the US or Canada, might be best to do this second step while wearing a Blaze Orange Hunting Vest so as to not get yourself caught in friendly you see how many points are on that buck silhouette?!?! 
Watch the video, then Scroll down for everything you need.

But First: Not Woodsy enough?  No bear sweat.  We got you!  

How about a round of Sasquatch Cookies for the next Lodge Christmas Party? I'm sure if you put enough Fireball Whiskey into the Apple Cider, you'll get Uncle Tim to tell you the story of how he saw Sasquatch doing a little Clothesline shopping on the back 40 all those years ago.  Aunt Jean kept losing house dresses to them...turns out Squatches are partial to Gingham. So, we are taking a fashion liberty by putting them in Lumberjack Plaid and Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but that's okay...just give Tim another loaded Egg Nogg, and he'll let it slide.
Want Proof?  Here it proof that Chocolate-Dipped Sasquatches roam the Evil Cake Genius Lair!!
So get yourself some Squatchy Christmas Stencils a set of Gooogly Icing Eyes and some Fireball, and get ready for a new Christmas Tradition!

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