Skyscraper Embossers!

  I want to wake up in the city that never sleeps.  That's how the song goes...but if you've ever made a skyscraper cake, you know that it's the cake decorator who never sleeps.  Cutting out hundreds of tiny windows, is (not unlike eating those "onions" that come on a NY street cart hot dog) not for the faint-hearted.  That's why the ECG created these new embossers.  You'll be making frosting skyscrapers faster than a Times Square Elmo asks for a tip (believe me, that's FAST!) 

Use these embossers on any color fondant, to imprint fabulous details, or use Lil' Rolly and our IncrEDIBLE paints to make them really pop! Genius!  Check out the video below:

They all come with matching cookie cutters to cut out the buildings for adding them to cakes, or for, well...cutting out cookies. And if you're making skyscrapers for a Super Hero themed cake, check out the new Super Birthday and BAM! POW! embossers too!   

Shop all the stuff we used for these: 

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