The Suzanne Esper Stencil Collection


The new line from Suzanne is here and it's so even more beautiful than Leonardo Di Caprio as The Great Gatsby.  Sigh. 

But maybe you're just not so into the classic Art know, like how Daisy just wasn't into Poor Boys?  Well just like Gatsby, himself, these Crystalline Stencils are Art Deco completely reinvented. 

Let's just hope they have a happier ending than the old boy.  Don't go in the pool, Leo!!!  Oh, sorry: SPOILER ALERT (bwahaha)

Now that the ECG has just ruined the movie for you, take that two and a half hours and play with these new gorgeous stencils?  See how productive we just made you?


Want to know more about Suzanne Esper?

You ever meet someone who just has style?  You know, that person who everything they create is blessed by a certain look or feel, or hell, the ECG can't quite put it into words, so let's put it into pictures.

We met Suzanne in the UK about three years ago, and she bought some of our stencils.  And the more we saw of what she was doing with our stencils, the more we loved her.  Like her use of our Horizontal Striped Mesh Stencil.  Well, first of all, NOT HORIZONTAL, Suzanne.  Apparently the rules don't apply to Scottish decorators.  

We'll give her another shot.  How about Tartan?  She's Scottish...surely she can't screw this up...let's see, some nice bold reds, blues, greens....wha.....

As it turns out, every time Suzanne used one of our stencils, she made it her own.  Metallic Tartan, coupled with a completely glam Edible Glitter Square-covered top tier?  Well, why the hell not?

So last time we saw her, we just handed her one of our Vienna Border Stencils.  The ECG hadn't even tried it out herself yet.  And the result?

'Nuff said.  This girl needs her own line of stencils.  

Introducing the Ornamental Seamless Dots Stencil by Suzanne Esper

The first stencil in her very own line of stencils designed especially for Evil Cake Genius, and now available to you! Stay tuned to this page as we unleash this profoundly talented cake designer.  You're gonna' want all of her stencils!

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