Sweet Stamp - Perfect lettering is easy!

Let's get real.  Nobody can free hand perfect lettering on cakes and cookies.  If you happen to be one of those people gifted with glorious penmanship, stop reading here.  Now, for the rest of us mere mortals...meet the Sweet Stamp.  Created by the lovely Amy of Amy Cakes in Ireland, these embossers are the perfect way to imprint any message on any cake or cookie.  Simply lay the lettering out, pick it up with the magically sticky board and imprint the whole message at once.  Leave it embossed like blind-letterpress (super modern and classy) or paint it in with any edible paint.

Check out the inventor herself doing a little demo (unless you have a hard time looking at flawlessly beautiful Celtic Godesses decorating cakes, at which point, we can refer you back to any of our Evil Cake Genius Tutorials featuring the far more approachable short, average-looking, middle-aged ECG):

 And, oh yeah, the sweet stamps can be used on crusting BUTTERCREAM as well as fondant!!!  Just take a look at this here vidya!

But, maybe you're a decorator of few words?  Or what if you don't even do cakes (gasp!) Cookie peeps!!! We got you!!!  


 The Outboss Collection creates amazing detail on fondant or modeling chocolate for cookies and cupcake toppers! Still not convinced to put fondant on a cookie? You can use Modeling Chocolate instead.  Unless you just have some kind of weird allergy to Delicious. Click HERE for our recipe.

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Not excited enough yet about Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes? Here, watch these videos!


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