The Boho look is here to stay, that, we already know.  But this wedding season, the trend has taken a turn to all things literary.  Love Poems, Wedding Vows, and book passages are showing up on wedding cakes in a big way! And we've got the Mesh Stencils to make this look fast, easy, and beautiful.

Our Antique Book Text Mesh Stencil will cover a tier with distressed type in just a few seconds!  It's the perfect way to use text as art for any cake.  The text is from "Alice in Wonderland" in case you'd rather read your dessert than eat it.  It's layed out to line up seamlessly side to side, so it will work on any size tier.  Wanna' go full Alice on a cake?  Check out our Alice in Wonderland Illustrations Mesh Stencil Set

But if you're looking for a less literal take, our Love Letter Mesh Stencil looks like hand-written text.  And just like the ECG's hand writing, it is completely illegible, so you won't have anyone poking around in your business before they snarf up a piece.

And just to keep the entire process so easy that you're gonna feel a tiny bit guilty.  You can make this entire cake without rolling out a single piece of fondant.  Just cover the tiers in buttercream, brush the sides with a little bit of water, and attach stenciled sheets of our Magical Edible Fabric to the sides of the tiers.  Yep, just that easy!  Want to read more about this Edible Fabric?    Check it out HERE

Now check out this Video of just how easy it is!