The Evil Cake Genius loves mesh stencils!!  She should...she invented them.  There's no better way to get intricate details on a cake!  But a lot of decorators are afraid to try them out.  Our very own Evil Cake Squad member, Brittanie, of Brittanie Bakes, was one of those scaredy cats.  So the ECG sent her some mesh stencils and a pack of our Icing Sheets to try, and now she's addicted!  It's simple...stencil onto the icing sheet, then attach the icing sheet to a buttercream cake.  The icing sheet becomes one with the buttercream, and you get all of those amazing details without fondant!  Here are just a few of Brittanie's Mesh Stenciled Cakes

Wanna' see just how easy it is?  Scroll Down for a video of the ECG making this Mesh Stenciled Literary Love cake using the same technique with our Edible Fabric Sheets.  She used the Edible Fabric instead of the Icing Sheets because she wanted to have a flappy edge like a book page.  If you're using Icing Sheets, the process is even need to brush the cake with water...the moisture of the buttercream alone, will hold the icing sheet onto the cake!

Check out the video!

Want to go full fabric effect? Our Edible Fabric Sheets make the perfect table cloth for this super cute Birthday Cake!

Yep, that's a buttercream cake!  Watch the video to see how we made it!

Ready to try this yourself?  You'll be glad you added this versatile technique to your cakey arsenal...Brittanie is!! Shop the products you need below: