From the year 2029 The Frostinator™ is here with one objective and one objective only: Kill Sarah Conn... no, no. It's here to Frostinate the absolute crap out of every buttercream, ganache and royal icing covered cake it can get it's cold blooded hot stainless steel edges on.
The Frostinator
Don't worry, we cloned it, and like any upstanding mercenary, it can be bought. For just $29.95 you too can enjoy the services of the Frostinator™ It's a smaller and lighter weight design than our original adjustable comb. We added a smooth action foot slider and a horizontal stabilizer.
Simply frost a cake with Buttercream or Ganache, heat up the stainless steel Contour Comb, and take a spin on the turntable.  Top bar adjusts to any cake height (up to 8-1/2" tall) to create a crisp corner and level top on every cake. horizontal stabilizer holds top bar securely at 90 degrees. Watch this...

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