The Evil Cake Genius has been making cakes for a LONG time.   
How long?  Professionally since 1996.  How old was she when she started?  None of your stinkin' business.  Let's just say, she's seen a lot, done a lot, and learned a ton along the way.  And in the interest of sharing her Sage Wisdom with the likes of you people, here are three bits of advice for Cakey Sweet Success.
1) Invest in yourself.  
It's all about having the right tools!!  Sure, you might save a few bucks buying cheaper tools, but it's only going to result in wasted time when the tools don't work the way they're supposed to, or worse yet, break while you're in the middle of a cake (been there.)  Get yourself the good stuff, you're worth it.   It doesn't have to break the bank, about gradually replacing old pastry tips with PME England Supatubes?  They only cost an extra couple of bucks, and not only will they last a lifetime, but their seamless stainless steel construction eliminates nicks and dents that result in kinking/curling while piping.  Smoother piping means faster'll make up those extra couple of bucks in the course of one cake. 

The ECG's best ever equipment investment?  Her Atlas Pasta Roller.  Yes, it costs a little more than the ones at the craft store, but she bought hers 22 years ago, and it's still a rock star.  They come with a 10 year warranty, and they're made like tanks.  The ONLY reason this girl wants to get a new one is because they are now available in super sexy colors!  Maybe she'll get a second one...after all, she uses it to roll out the fondant for the sides of ALL of her cakes, not to mention fondant ribbons, bows, bands, cut outs, gum paste flower petals and leaves.  And they have an electric motor available for all of their models now, so you can have both hands free for handling the fondant.  

2) Work Smarter

Did you know that Evil Cake Genius started out just selling Mesh and Acrylic Stencils that the ECG created to use on cakes at her Minneapolis Bakery Gateaux Inc?  The stencils were saving her so much time that she decided to offer them to other bakers, and here we are! 

Since then, we've added tons of time saving tools to the site.  Our Cake Contour Combs have been a game-changer for Buttercream and Ganache, and the DrageeKiss is still in our top 5 EVER time saving inventions.  But check out the new Bowl Scraping Mixer Paddles, and the spill-saving Batter Dispenser Nozzles that we just added.  Smarter = Faster...and Time = Money!

#3) HAVE FUN!!!

We're talking about Cake!  We're not saving lives here people.  Be a Dork, play around and enjoy yourself.  You've got one of the best jobs in the world (besides professional puppy cuddler, and Channing Tatum's towel girl on the set of Magic Mike).  

 Next time you're on our site getting some serious cake decorating gear, treat yourself to some new buddies.

'Cause nothing makes you remember to have fun like a pair of little eyes peeking up from your pastry bag, or scrubbing your nails with a Crocodile.  Now THAT is some pretty sage advice. 

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