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Ah, the humble American classic...loved by all (except dental hygienists).  But even they can't resist the lure of that New American classic, the Chocolate Coated Oreo.  Valentine's Day is the perfect Holiday to share the love with these easy-to-make treats, so ECG has compiled the best ways to make these grocery store staples into something rave-worthy!  Oh, and yes, these methods work with ANY 1-3/4" diameter or smaller cookie, so bust out the Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, and Hydrox for a makeover as well!

Let's start with the basics

You can hand-dip, or use a mold for perfect edges.  The ECG is a bit Type A+ so she always uses a mold.  They're cheap, and make the Chocolate Covered cookies uniform, and uber shiny.  Use the classic plain mold if you plan to drizzle with chocolate and sprinkles, or for using transfers or icing sheets (more about that later). Or use any of the embellished molds for fun raised patterns that you can mold in contrasting colors (simply stir any oil based candy color into melted white coating) or paint with Paints formulated for chocolate after unmolding.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, ditch the Craft Store Candy Melts.  Use any Compound Chocolate Coating wafers by Merckens, or Clasen.  They don't require tempering, just melt them in the microwave on 15 second intervals, and mold, and they taste divine! 

Here's The Coatings and Candy Color:

And the molds:

Now, onto Printed Icing Sheets

It hasn't even been a year since the ECG discovered that not only do Printed Icing Sheets work with chocolate and coatings, but that the cookie-size precut circles fit perfectly into the basic Oreo Mold.  And that, dear friends has changed her life!  This method is amazingly detailed, and so easy, that the ECG's friend, Kathy made these with her grandkids over winter break! Check out the video to see how easy this is:

Here' s that basic Oreo Mold and our line of Valentine's Day Cookie Icing Sheets:

Oh, and we've got cookie-size icing sheet for EVERY Occasion HERE

But don't forget about Chocolate Transfer Sheets!

The ECG loves these things for making truffles in those super-easy magnetic molds (HERE) but they also work great for Oreos!  Just mold the Oreos in the basic mold, then spread the leftover coating or chocolate on the transfer sheet.  Let the chocolate set up at room temperature until it's no longer shiny, and cut out 2" circles (or any shape, really.)  Throw the whole sheet in the fridge for about 10 minutes to set fully, then pop out the cut outs.  Attach the cut outs with melted chocolate, and you're a Choco-Genius. 

Check out all of these Valentine's-worthy Transfer Sheets:

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