Vintage Gingerbread Book Cookies

As many of you already know, the ECG has a love/hate relationship with decorating cookies.  She loves to make beautiful little works of art, but hates watching all that work disappear before her eyes in a few unceremonious bites.  So to keep her from turning to violent upon watching someone snorf up one of her cookie creations, she decided to create more efficient ways of decorating.  It started with stencils, moved into our amazeballs Stay Put Stencils, and now into Printed Icing Sheets.

These bad boys attach to buttercream or whipped royal icing on contact, and create cookies that look like you slaved over them for hours, but psych!  They're so fast and easy, that you can watch someone devour a dozen of them without a single twinge of resentment.  And that, my friends (along with spiking the in-laws hot cider) is key to a Happy Holiday. 

Whether you're using our pre-cut round designs to make mini merriness, or full sheet designs cut to size, you're gonna' win at Christmas this year.  Just check out how easy it is to make rectangles of gingerbread into charming little books!

Watch how easy it is!

Here's everything you need to make these, plus our most popular Holiday Icing Sheet Designs so you can design your own Resentment-Free Cookie Platter:

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