Edible Cupcake Toppers... Geniused

Our Cupcake and Cookie-sized Printed Icing Sheets have opened up a whole new world for the ECG.  They attach to buttercream with ease, and come in a gajillion designs for any occasion.  But, it's just like the ECG to want MORE!!  And after discovering that these sheets fit PERFECTLY into a chocolate covered Oreo mold she decided to create some stand-up cupcake toppers for a little more pop to her Pooh (Winnie, that is.)

This process is stupidly simple...just pop the cookie icing sheet into the bottom of the chocolate covered Oreo mold, melt some white chocolate coating (candy melts) and fill the mold to around 1/8" to 1/4" thick.  Throw the mold in the fridge for about 20 minutes, and pop them out.  Don't forget to chuck an Oreo in one of them for yourself while you're at it.  A girl's gotta' eat, right?  Or blow their minds by topping each cupcake with a chocolate-covered Oreo!

Watch how easy it is!

While the toppers are setting up in the fridge, you can frost the cupcakes (we took the opportunity to make a custom sprinkle blend now that we have Bulk Sprinkles in a million different varieties.) Speaking of a million different varieties, our Icing Sheet selection is growing daily!  Check them all out at the link below (you've gotta see the new Grads, Gnomes and Succulents!)

But first!  Shop everything in the video here:

Now Check out our full line of printed Icing Sheets HERE

Or Learn how easy it is to use Icing sheets on Buttercream HERE

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