The Botanical Collection

Our Botanical Stencil Collection is the perfect way to add intricate organic elements to any cake.  Whether you're stenciling on fondant or buttercream, we've got the techniques you need to make stunning designs so fast, you might actually get to step out of your kitchen to see the real thing this year.

Whether you've been stenciling for years, or are hesitant to try, we've got Full Length tutorials for both Acrylic and Mesh Stenciling.  Take advantage of the ECG's vast knowledge of the techniques (did you know that she INVENTED the mesh stencil?!?!?) and you'll be stenciling like a boss in no time!  But first...check out this gorgeous collection! 

Now let's talk technique.  The ECG can't tell you how many times someone has emailed to tell her that they used to be intimidated by stenciling, but after watching her tutorials, they've got it down!  That's why we share these with you for no cost...we want you to love this techniqe as much as we do! We've got ways to use BOTH Acrylic and Mesh Stencils with fondant or buttercream too!

Acrylic stenciling

This technique can be done on fondant or buttercream with Royal Icing, Buttercream or Airbrush.

Check out the full tutorial HERE

Mesh Stenciling

This technique can't be topped for its intricate details!  It can be done on Fondant, or smooth crusted and chilled buttercream with Royal Icing or Buttercream (if you're stenciling onto a buttercream cake).  Watch the tutorial for essential tips like why you need to add whitener to your stencil icing.

Watch the full tutorial HERE

Mesh Stenciling For Chickens (or non-crusting buttercream)

Okay, okay...the ECG gets it...stenciling of either kind can be intimidating. That's why you can follow our Mesh Stencil Tutorial (Part 1) and stencil any mesh stencil design onto an icing sheet or edible fabric sheet.  Then, simply attach the sheet to your frosted cake.  

Watch this technique for full patterns on this Alice in Wonderland Cake HERE

Watch this technique for cut out patterns (and bonus painting!!) HERE

Love that Icing Sheet Technique? Check out our full line of printed Icing Sheets HERE

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