Let's get gilded!

There's no denying that there was something stupidly elegant about the 1800's.  From Regency to Belle Epoque styles, there's no shortage of romance, glamour, and yes, cookie inspiration.  Maybe the ECG has been bingeing too much of "The Gilded Age" and "Bridgerton" for her own good, but just get a load of these gorgeous cookies!  The best part, is that our new printed icing sheets make these not only easy, but FUN to make...and the ECG is going to show you how.

Let's start with the cookies.  Click HERE to get the BEST sugar cookie recipe in existence. Then, dip them in Royal Icing, throw them in a food dehydrator for about a half hour to set up the top of the icing (or let them dry on the counter for 8-12 hours) and you're ready to do all the fun stuff!  

The ECG decorated these live on video, so you can see that she's just winging it, which makes these even more fun to make.  Just dust any silicone filigree mold (we've listed the ones we used below) with our Shiny as Hell Gold Edible Luster, whip up a batch of Chocolate Paste (recipe HERE) and fill the molds.  The chocolate paste will set up in the fridge to hold it's shape, but once the pieces are unmolded, they remain flexible, so you can form them to the curve of the cookie.  Oh, and did we mention that it tastes like white chocolate Tootsie Rolls? Sign me up!  The 3 molds she used for the Keyholes and Filigree are so perfect for these cookies, that she's put together a Bridgerton Mold Bundle at a super discounted price so you can own all three of them without breaking the BridgerBank.

The Icing Sheet can be cut with a craft knife, and attached to the cookie with Edible Glue.  Leave some room around the edges for your embellishments!

Check out the Process:

Here' s everything you need to make your own, plus a few other new Heart Icing Sheet Designs:

Oh, and we've just added over 20 new icing sheets for Valentine's Day!  Check them out HERE

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