Center Fill and Fault Line Cakes...Geniused!

Just try to scroll through Pinterest without seeing a Centerfill or Fault Line's damn near impossible.  And for good reason.  They're spectacular to look at!!  So the Evil Cake Genius decided to make one herself.  Have you seen the tutorials on these things?!?!?  They're a lot more complicated to make than she thought.  From multi-sized tiers to trying to frost  under a ledge of cake, there simply had to be a better way.  So the ECG decided to design a comb that would simplify/geniusify the trend.  And here they are!!  Whether you need a clean Center Fill edge, or want to rough it up with a fault-line look, these combs are just the thing you need to make quick work of this cool cake trend. 

The combs come in two sizes.  The double-sided sized for either a 6" tall or 4-1/2" tall tier, and the single-sided sized for an 8" tall double barrel tier.  Comb the tier and fill with buttercream rosettes, sprinkles, or ruffles, like the adorable lemon-tastic one by Brittanie Bakes, or fill the center, then add more buttercream to the top and bottom and smooth again for a jagged fault line look.  It's really that easy...just check out the video below:

Did you notice the Wicked Sparkly Edible Dust Pumps in the video? We're REALLY excited about this new product!

Wicked Sparkly Dust Pumps

These Edible Sparkle Dust pumps are easy-to-use and add beautiful metallic accents to cakes, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, or anything you'd like to glam up!  Simply pump the sparkle dust onto  buttercream or fondant that is lightly brushed with water, lemon extract or clear alcohol. Can be used to highlight acrylic stencil patterns too...just pump the sparkle dust over fresh stenciling before the stenciling medium has dried and before removing the stencil.

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