Which came first, the treat or the egg?

Easy to make Easter Treat Eggs can be filled with any candy. Treats inside a treat, so you can get a head rush along with your sugar rush!  The ECG likes to fill these with her fave Easter candies, but she never skips the Royal Icing bunnies, chicks, and eggs.  Those little cuties make the treats egggstra special (sorry, had to be done).

Of course, you can do this with real chocolate, if you have the patience to temper it, but the ECG ain't got time for that, so she uses Chocolate Coating wafers (see below).  If you haven't already, ditch the craft store coating, and try out our Mercken's and Clasen's coatings.  They're as good as real tempered chocolate...pinky swear! 

Aaand of course, here's a video:  

aaaaaand here's everything you need, so Get Crackin' (sorry, so very sorry)

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