Cookies that Stand up and Stand Out!

Whether you're a purist or a cookie rebel, we've got cookie ideas that will stand out at any holiday event.  

Let's start with the obvious...gingerbread houses! The ECG loves those little doughy domiciles so much that she developed 2 complete kits (see below) to make them super easy to make (or gift!)  But, what if you could get all the charm of a gingerbread house, and add caffeine?

Gingerbread House Mug Huggers

Charge up your winter beverages by making mug-hugging squee-worthy teensy gingerbread houses!

Whether you're making them for your favorite Christmas Party, or selling them, these little charmers will be the talk of Christmas Town!  And with this genius cutter set, they're super easy to mass produce!

Yeah, yeah, we're getting to the Gingerbread Houses, but FIRST!

Accessorize your houses with more 3-D cookies!  Check out these cutter sets that are so adorable that we had to bring them in all the way from Australia!

Okay, Okay...Here they are: DIY Gingerbread House Kits

Feeling short on time? Gift your friends one of our DIY Gingerbread House Kits.  They include everything they need to build one of these two Squee-worthy houses.  Seriously EVERYTHING!!  From Pastry Tips and fool-proof silicone baking molds, to the sprinkles on top, they'll have everything they need to spend a fun day in the kitchen with the kids! And for those of you who want to choose your own Gingerbread Adventure, scroll to the bottom of the page for everything you need to create your own design!

We've even included our Easy Gingerbread Recipe.  Check out the video:

But hurry...these limited edition sets won't last long!! Order yours before they're gone. 





Or create your own kit:

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