Letter to Santa Interactive Christmas Cookies

The Fat Man is coming, get baking!!  Whether you're making cookies for family, school, or the office, this new stencil set will make your cookies the talk of the party!  They're easy to make, and with a pack of our Edible Food Color Pens, they'll go from treat to entertainment in a snap!


Seriously, people like to play with their food!  Serve these after a few Hot Toddies, and they may just fill in what they REALLY want for Christmas.  

And they're as easy to use as any of our Christmas Cookie Products, just check this out:

 And. STOP.  Stop right stinkin' there.  "Oh, my God, I would NEVER put fondant on a cookie!!!" So said the ECG too, until we got in the full range of Fondarific Flavored Fondants.  Let's talk delicious, shall we?  The fruit flavors taste like Starburst candy (YAAAASSS!!!) and that Cinnamon Bun Fondant is seriously so delicious, that the ECG eats the stuff straight out of the pail.   It's a food miracle...it tastes EXACTLY LIKE A CINNAMON BUN, and has the melt-in-your-mouth texture of chocolate paste.  Just mix 3 parts Fondarific to one part your usual fondant for easier stenciling (the fondarific is more of a chocolate paste texture, so the stenciling takes much better if there's a little matte fondant in it.) 

NO JOKE: Cut out cookies and Gingerbread cookies are AMAZING with this stuff instead of Royal Icing.  Try it, and you'll never go back!!!

It works straight out of the tub with our new Cookie Stamps too!!


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