Free Kitchen Scale With Order!

Ever notice that adorable kitchen scale in the ECG's baking videos?  She uses a scale because there is simply no better way to ensure her recipes turn out consistently.  Not to mention, she doesn't love having to clean a full set of measuring cups every time she bakes. If you haven't tried weighing instead of measuring, it's a game changer.  She believes in it so much, that she's gonna' set you up with the most adorable scale in the history of ever, for FREEEEEEE!!! 

Free Kitchen Scale With Order!

Orders of $75 or More


Do NOT add scale to your cart, just use promo code and we'll include with your order.

Try out your new scale with any of our AMAZING baking mixes.  Our Universal Cake Mix makes everything from Red Velvet to Banana Chocolate Chip Cake, and is amazing as a white cake to boot.  And don't get us started on how we can't live without our French Macaron Mix.  Check them all out: