Evil Cake Genius IncrEDIBLE Paints

The ECG has been a big proponent of painting as a decorating technique for a loooong time.  Not only is is beautiful on cakes, and cookies, but it's the most relaxing, satisfying decorating technique she knows.  So it just makes sense that we've developed a complete line of Edible Paints to make the process even better!

Our New IncrEdible Paints come in 25 different amazing colors, including the colors that are hardest to create (khaki much?) so you can spend more time painting, and less time fussing.  The paints are ready to use straight out of the jar, and ar pigment based, so you can paint lighter colors over dark backgrounds, and the metallics are super sexy!!  Just remember to give these bad boys a throrough stir to incorporate all of the pigment at the bottom of the jar before using.

Check out a little play time with cookies:


Our matte colors come in large 50ml bottles!  Even our metallics are 20ml bottles.  More paint=more fun!

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Still a little worried about Painting? Our Hand Painting Outline stencils make painting as easy as a paint by number!

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