Evil Cake Genius IncrEDIBLE Paints

The ECG has been a big proponent of painting as a decorating technique for a loooong time.  Not only is is beautiful on cakes, and cookies, but it's the most relaxing, satisfying decorating technique she knows.  So it just makes sense that we've developed a complete line of Edible Paints to make the process even better!

Our IncrEdible Paints come in 25 different amazing colors, including the colors that are hardest to create (khaki much?) so you can spend more time painting, and less time fussing.  The paints are ready to use straight out of the jar, and are pigment based, so you can paint lighter colors over dark backgrounds, and the metallics are super sexy!!  Just remember to give these bad boys a throrough stir to incorporate all of the pigment at the bottom of the jar before using.

Check out a little play time with cookies:

The paints work on Fondant, Gum Paste, Royal Icing, Buttercream, EVEN Swiss Meringue Buttercream!!  Check out how the incredible Holley, at Crumbcoat Confection made these perfect painted stripes on SMBC using our very own Lil' Rolly!!!


Here are Holley's instructions:

  • Cut strips of parchment to the width you want.
  • Place strips on cold, iced cake, making sure they are straight. You can use a strip as a guide for the spacing between the strips that will remain on the cake.
  • Use your finger to make sure the strip is sealed against the cake.
  • Using a paintbrush, paint the very bottom edge of each empty space with ECG Incredible Paint. Then use the Lil Rolly to roll the rest of the paint on.
  • Remove strips. You can use a small scraper to straighten any lines that may have bled.

Now let's see what happens when we team up our paints and Lil' Rolly again.  This time, they tackle Cookies!

Let's get real.  Cookie decorating is tedious.  Now, this is perfectly acceptable for that stand-out cookie or two, but when you've got to make 6 dozen, there's got to be a better way.  And we've found it!  We've created the ultimate cookie power trio!  Our Cookie Debossers, ECG IncrEDIBLE Paints, and Lil' Rolly! 

It's simple.  Our Debossers leave a raised pattern in fondant, so instead of spending too much time hand-painting, all you have to do is roll over the raised pattern with Lil' Rolly and some IncrEDIBLE Paint.  Check it out: 

Not a fan of fondant on a cookie?  Mix up a batch of Chocolate Paste, and mix it half and half with the fondant.  The fondant will melt in your mouth and taste delicious! Get Recipe HERE

This technique works with any Debossers, and of course...Lil' Rolly. It also works on some Embossers, just check out how cool it looks on our Skyscraper Embossers HERE


But there's more! One of our new favorite uses for the ECG Paints: Roll Stenciling!  Turns out, Lil' Rolly likes to multi-task.  Did you know that she can help you stencil as well?  Yep, we gave her a spin with our acrylic stencils on some cookies, and she nailed it!

It was simple!  The key was to make sure that the paint (our new ECG IncrEDIBLE paint) is worked into the rolly.  If there was too much wet paint, it would bleed under the stencil.  But once we learned to roll off the excess paint onto a piece of paper, the result was fabulous!  Check it out in the video below:

This technique will work with any of our Acrylic Cookie Stencils (the white ones, NOT the purple Mesh Stencils) Browse all Cookie Stencils HERE

Oh, and if you're covering your cookies in Fondant, it's even EASIER to do this!  Just press the stencil into the fondant, and use the Rolly the same way.  Even the tiniest of details come out flawlessly this way!! That's how we made these super cute Peeps Cookies

Our matte colors come in large 50ml bottles!  Even our metallics are 20ml bottles.  More paint=more fun!

Shop them all:

Wanna' see Lil' Rolly tackle stamped cookies? Watch HERE

Oh, and how about Lil' Rolly over STENCILS? Watch  HERE