Thanks Easter Bunny, Baak! Baak!

Scroll down for the 3 Part Bunny Mold Video! If you're like the ECG you grew up with Cadbury Easter Eggs.  Love 'em or hate 'em, no Easter basket is complete without one.  The ECG falls into the "hate 'em" category.  Love the concept, but damn gurl, that's just entirely too much gooey sweetness for one bunny to take.  So, the ECG decided to take matters into her own hands and create Creme Eggs for the other 50%.  Introducing Gourmet Creme Eggs.

Of course, we preserved the awesome eggy goo, but these dessert-worthy eggs boast a combination of tart passion fruit bavarian cream wrapped in a blanket of vanilla bean flecked mousse.  All wrapped in a cute chocolate shell.  

Here's a quick video of the ECG making these lovelies for the first time:  

Don't want to make gourmet eggs?...

How about gourmet filled chocolate bunnies? Check out this video and then scroll below for the filling recipe and everything you need!

And here's the super easy recipe:

Weighing the ingredients is the best way to get accurate measurements. Not to mention, that this is an excuse to get one of our adorable Cutie Cupcake kitchen scale Don't let the name fool you, it's damn cute to look at, but with a weight capacity of 17 pounds, it's a seriously bad ass addition to your kitchen arsenal.

For the Passion Fruit Bavarian Cream Filling:
-3.5 oz. Cold Process Pastry Cream Mix
-8.5 oz.cold milk (77 degrees F)  
-0.4 oz. (1-1/2 tsp.) Passion Fruit Flavor Paste

For the Vanilla Bean Mousse Filling:
-4.2 oz. Neutral Mousse Mix
-16 oz. Heavy Cream 
-0.8 oz. (1-1/2 tsp.) Vanilla Bean Paste

For the Shell:
-1 lb. Milk, Dark,or White Candy Coating or Tempered Chocolate


Fill the Easter Egg Mold with melted coating or tempered chocolate, tipping the mold to coat the sides.  Tip the mold over and shake it to empty out the mold, creating hollow shells.

Scrape the top edge of the molds with a palette knife to remove any spill over.

Refrigerate until set up.

Meanwhile, prepare fillings.

Bavarian Cream:

Combine Pastry Cream Mix, milk, and Passion Flavor Paste and whip on low until powder is dissolved. Mix on high until the mixture has thickened, and becomes shiny.

Combine Mousse Powder, cream, and Vanilla Bean Paste and whip on low with a whisk attachment
1 minute until powder is dissolved. Scrape down the bowl and whip on medium until peaks form
(2-3 minutes). DO NOT OVER WHIP

Assembling the eggs:
Using a large round piping tip, create a layer of mousse along the bottom, and 3/4 the way up the sides of the mold.  

Hollow out a tunnel using a spoon.

Fill the tunnel with Bavarian Creme (a pastry bag with a slightly smaller tip works besft)

Top with a thin layer of mousse (be careful to keep the filling below the top edge of the mold to save room for the chocolate backing.

Top the Mousse filling with a thin layer of melted coating or chocolate, and scrape off any excess.

Refrigerate until chocolate is fully set, then unmold the eggs.


Use this recipe as a base to create your own signature flavors.  You can change the flavor of the Bavarian Cream or Mousse by substituting any of our Gourmet Flavor Pastes in the recipe.

Like any Cream-based desserts, these must be kept refrigerated.

Keep scrolling for all the stuff you need to make these lovelies...but first, shop more molds that will make Easter Desserts extra special this year.

Now here's Everything you need to make these delicious desserts!

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