The ECG is a big fan of sails.  Nope, not the ones that barely propel a boat enough to keep her from losing her lunch into the clear blue sea...cakey sails!  From Rice Paper to Icing sheets, these bold cake toppers can turn an ordinary tier into a work of art.  That's why she was particularly excited to see lots of her cake-crushes combining this trend with stenciling...her ultra-fave!!!

Just take a look at a few of her faves:

And, AND...the amazing Meera of Meera Makes has agreed to let us share her video for just how she makes these beauties!  Just watch:

From Meera:

You'll need...

  • Royal Icing
  • Wafer paper
  • Stencil of choice
  • Palette knife
  • Scraper
  • Gold dust and fluffy brush

    Key points to note:
  • I use ready made royal icing as I've found it to be the perfect consistency to spread and also hold its shape once the stencil is removed.
  • Using a dust on the royal icing helps it to dry faster
  • Leave the wafer for 5 mins before you use steam to create your wafer sails.
  • I've used royal icing to adhere the wafer to iced cakes, I use buttercream on buttercream cakes and ganache on ganache covered cakes.

    Rather than just creating wafer paper sails think outside the box and use the patterns on the stencil to cut out shapes and create some 3d elements to decorate your cake.

Here are some of the products you need to create those gorgeous sails in the above pictures

But listen to Meera...get creative! Here are just a few stencils that we'd love to see used on sails:

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In case you're wondering, this would work incredibly well with our Mesh Stencils on either Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets Watch 

And here are the goodies you need for this technique, plus a few other Mesh
Stencils that would be super-extra-awesome for Icing Sheet or Wafer Paper Sails:

Still not a fan of mesh stenciling?? See our Full-length tutorial HERE