Valentine's Day Bark

This is one of the ECG's favorite Valentine's Day treats to whip up, and here are two different methods (and videos) to show you how to make it!  Whether you use our printed Icing Sheets, or Chocolate Transfer Sheets, the process is quick and easy, and you can customize the bark with anything from gourmet dried fruit and nuts to bite size candies.  Just sprinkle your little heart out!

This batch took all of 15 minutes to make start to finish! Watch:

Now watch how it's done with a chocolate transfer sheet.  Basically the same method, just spread the melted coating over the back side of the sheet...allow to fully set up in the fridge before removing the acetate so that the cocoa butter pattern fully attaches to the set up coating.

Here's everything you need, plus our favorite Valentine's Day Icing Sheets

And here are some of our favorite Valentine's Day Chocolate Transfers

This treat is equally impressive for other Holidays!  Shop all Chocolate Transfer Sheets HERE All Coating Varieties HERE and All Printed Icing Sheets HERE

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