Chocolate Wrapped Mini Cakes

Let's face it, cupcakes are cute, but sometimes, they just don't cut it.  That's why, the ECG came up with these sexy little dessert-worthy mini cakes!  Top them with Buttercream, or top them with Mousse, these little guys are made to impress!  And they're simple to make, but look like they took hours, so go ahead...tell people you slaved over them...we won't tell.

These bad boys work for any celebration (Easter themed in video, but they are SUPER popular for any Holiday.)  We added our Strawberry Flavor Paste to our Evil Cake Genius Universal cake mix for a delicious strawberry cake (PS the flavoring gives the cake a beautiful pale pink color, but we kicked it up with some food color for a bit of drama.)  Cut out the cakes with a round cookie cutter, and wrapped them in a chocolate transfer sheet band.  So simple, and sooooo impressive.  Our Instant Mousse Mix is the perfect way to top these, but if you'd like them to be shelf-stable, top them with Chocolate Buttercream.  And DON'T FORGET THE SPRINKLES!

With our enormous selection of Chocolate Transfer Sheets, we can make them suit any season or Holiday, but seein' as the Easter Bunny is about to make an appearance, we've compiled our favorite Easter Transfers and Sprinkle Mixes below.

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