Seriously Easy

These Mini desserts require minimum time, minimum effort, minimum clean up, but are Maxi on Wow!  The ECG makes them for dessert buffets at weddings and parties, and any time she needs to whip up something special.  She keeps a bag of our Instant Mousse mix and come Clasen's Coating around, so she's just a cup of cream away from being able to whip up something amazing in under an hour.  But, for the love of God, don't give away her secret.  Her friends think she slaved over these!

Let's start with a video:

Those insane 3 Part Molds make creating Chocolate Dessert Cups so easy it's almost unfair.  Okay, we're over it.  BTW, they come in neutral shapes if you're just not that into the person you're making desserts for.  The ECG will add those to the product list. Now, shop everything we used except the booze, cream and cherries (that should make an interesting trip to the grocery store.) 


Consider this your baby step into dessert-land...they're super fast, super easy.   Want something a teeny bit more challenging? Check out these Chocolate Transfer Sheet-Wrapped Mini Cakes 

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