Amazing ONE-STEP Mousse Mix

There's simply nothing more decadent than Mousse.  As a cake filling, it simply can't be beat, and frozen in a silicon mold and glazed with Mirror Glaze, it is downright SEXY. Use it to fill Chocolate Shells and Mini Desserts, or just eat it with a spoon...

The ECG has been using the same Instant Mousse Mix for over two decades, and can honestly say that there is no better one on the market.  Simply add Cream, one of our amazing flavor pastes, and whip.  You NEED to try this stuff. 


Now: Here's 6 ways to use it!

1-Passion Cake Recipe

The combination of tart passion fruit bavarian cream cut with vanilla bean flecked mousse and a dreamy coconut cake make this the sexiest of cake flavors.

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2-Chocolate Wrapped Mini Cakes

Wrapped in any of our patterned or seasonal Chocolate Transfer Sheets, these little cakes make a BIG impact!

See Video HERE

3-Strawberry Pistachio Cake

Wrapped Salty Sweet Pistachio cake paired with the perfect strawberry mousse will make you have all the cakey feels.

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4-Mousse-filled Chocolate Shell Desserts

With our enormous selection of Silicone and 3 part hollow molds, these desserts can wow any time of year (can you say chocolate mint mini trees?)

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5-Crepe Cake

We love this combination of French and Middle Eastern flavors, and check out our short-cut!

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6-Mirror Glaze

Ooh La La!  It's so easy to make amazing cakes and desserts.  Simply fill any of our silicone molds with this mousse, freeze, and top with our Melt and Use Mirror Glaze!

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