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The Evil Cake Genius loves her some French Macs, but hates how temperamental they can be to make.  The eggs are too cold, too fresh, too eggy, the weather is too humid, too dry, Venus is not properly aligned with Mars.  Once she found this miracle of a baking mix, it's French Macs for all!  Enjoy the almondy goodness without the stress, just add water, whip, and pipe.  These can be tinted with water based gel colors to make a rainbow of French deliciousness.  

And just to make those pesky buggers even easier, we've added a line of rimmed Macaron Mats to ensure you're piping uniform sized macs to make the dreaded Mac Match-up process go that much smoother.  And don't forget to get yourself a batter dispenser nozzle, and the cutest-damn kitchen scale you've ever seen to measure out your mix. We've even got teeny-tiny mesh stencils sized perfectly for Macs! Browse all the essentials:

So get En Board the Macaron Express!  Stop struggling, and let's get Evil!

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