Look vs. Taste: The Buttercream dilemma
Problem with Pure-Butter Buttercream is that while it's delicious, it's never going to give you that crisp white look that the shortening-based "buttercreams" have. The ECG has tried everything to make her buttercream white over the years. Liquid Whitener gave it a funny texture, and that "tiny drop of violet" trick just made the butterceam look grey. So the ECG did what the ECG does...she whined and moaned and pouted. Then she put on her big girl pants and dealt with it. You'll be happy to know that she's found the perfect solution, is sharing it with you, and is wearing underpants.
It's easy! Add one TBS to a pound of your favorite buttercream. The ECG uses this whitened buttercream whenever she pipes buttercream flowers too! Start with the whitened buttercream and tint to any desired color for bold, opaque buttercream flowers that look as pretty as the ones made with shortening buttercream, but taste soooo much better!!
It can also be added to any Royal Icing recipe to create opaque Mesh Stenciling Royal Icing!  Keep scrolling for a quick video of it in action!  Or get yours now.  It comes in two convenient sizes:

Use your favorite recipe, or try ours:

1/2 Pound Butter
1 Pound Powdered Sugar
1/2 tsp. Yummy As Hell Flavoring
1-2 TBS Milk

Buttercream cakes are more popular than ever!  Whether you're using our Contour Combs to create buttercream stripes or Fault Lines, or using our Acrylic Stencils (which work fabulously on Buttercream) you now have a pure white base to create crisp, beautiful designs without the "Blech" of shortening!

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