Lunch Box Love

A midweek Valentine's Day can make it a little tricky to slather your favorite people with all the lovies they deserve.  But the ECG's got you covered.  These new Candy Bar sized Icing sheets make the perfect Lunch box statement! They're super easy to make, and can be customized with whatever your favorite's favorite toppings may be.

Check out how fun they are to make:

Well, those are cute, but, Hey, ECG what about those of us with a more Barry White kinda' love?  We got you!!! These Midnight Floral Bars were filled with dried cherries, cashews, and edible gold leaf flakes that just scream "Wait 'til you get home!"

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BTW ANY of our Full Sheet Icing Sheets or Chocolate Transfer Sheets can be cut to fit inside the Chocolate Bar Mold. 

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