Stencil of the Week

Stencil of the Week
July 29, 2022

Stencil of the Week

Stencil of the Week

Okay, okay, she admits it.  The Evil Cake Genius may have a slight problem with collecting things.  Her throw pillow collection is getting a bit out of control, and let's not mention the stacks of novelty hand-towels in her linen closet.   BTW, if you can walk by hand-towels printed with a leopard wearing a crown of flowers without buying them, you're a stronger woman than the ECG.

All that aside, the one collection for which she will not apoligize is her stencil collection.  She has a stencil for EVERYTHING, as a matter of fact, most of the stencils that are for sale on her site are there because she wanted them for herself.  And she regrets nothing!!  Unlike the abundance of ceramic Staffordshire dogs peering at her guests with their dazed eyes from every nook of her house, her stencils are incredibly useful (and not at all creepy).  There's simply no faster way to create incredibe detail on cakes than stenciling.  So, as a bit of a public service, she's going to feature one of her favorites each Tuesday for you to peruse...and, AND she's going to discount said stencil to a ridiculously low price!

Stencil of the week 7/13

This essential Art Deco Stencil will become one of your go to designs.  Stenciled in white royal icing over edible gold leaf, it's a show stopper, but it looks just as beautiful in white on white!

Stencil of the week 7/6

We love this airy summer look by Sweet Sugar Cake!  Proof that a Little Lattice goes a long way!


Stencil of the week 6/29

This week's Stencil of the week is the perfect accent to any summer cake.  There's no faster, or more precise way to create flawless rattan than this!

Stencil of the week 6/22  


This week's Stencil of the week if one of the ECG's all-time favorite stencil designs.  This Velvet Burnout design is a stunner, especially when done in gold, like in this BEAUTIFUL cake, by Imperial Cake (they never disappoint).  You can get that beautiful Gold using our ECG Royal Icing Mix, or by mixing our Shiny As Hell Edible Luster with Vodka or Lemon Extract and running it through an airbrush.  Shop below:

Stencil of the week 6/14


This gorgeous stencil by Julie Deffense is full of fine detail that will add elegance to any cake with a few swipes of a spatula.  Beyond Measure Baking Company blew us away by stenciling it over distressed edible gold leaf, levelling up to Mega-Elegance (yup, that's a thing now!)

Shop this, and Everything you need for this cake:

Stencil of the week 6/7

Our New Tropical Stencil is the perfect blend of Monstera Leaves and Plumeria Blossoms that will make any cake into a mini vacay.  It looks amazing stenciled in a cheery green, or go full-on rainbow-riffic like Wonderful Whitty Cakes did!  Please, the ECG is begging you...use this stencil on a cake made with our Passion Cake Recipe.  It will taste just as summery as it looks.  Get the Recipe HERE

Shop this, and ALL the tropical cake and cookie necessities:

Stencil of the week 5/31

Our New Rose Garden stencil is a beautiful floral statement.  Add it to part, or all of a tier for a romantic accent in minutes.  Just look at the amazing cake that Tabi Cakes created with it...swooooooon!!! And it's on sale this week for $14.99!  If that's not a reason to get yourself one, she doesn't know what is!

BTW we've just added 32 Essential Stencil Designs, all on sale for $19.99 you should prolly check those out, while you're shopping.  Check back next week for another amaze-balls stencil!!

Stencil of the Week 5/24

Our Wish stencil is one of the ECG's favorite new designs.  Its happy little Dandelion pattern finds beauty in the mundane, and creates an airy pattern for any occasion.  

BTW we've just added 32 Essential Stencil Designs, all on sale for $19.99 you should prolly check those out, while you're shopping.  Check back next week for another amaze-balls stencil!!


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